10 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Australia

There are millions of people who dream of visiting Australia one day. At the same time, this piece of Earth is the smallest continent and the biggest island in the world. Its culture and its nature are completely different from any other pleace on this planet. However, it is important to know certain things before reaching the amazing Australia, so that your travel is well spent.

1. Australia’s Size

Australia 1Australia is very big, but it is not really densely populated. Everything that you want to see is either on the East or on the West Coast. The middle is called the Outback and you could travel for thousands of kilometers without seeing anything important. This means that the way to move around Australia is via plane. Even the shorter destinations are far better reached by air.

2. Explore the Natural Wonders

Australia 2Everybody knows about the Great Barrier Reef being on the UNESCO World Heritage list. However, Australia has many more of these sites. Namely, there are 12 places that are a part of the natural heritage, three that are cultural heritage and four more that are combined.

Australia 3

3. Australia is the Paradise for Surfers

Australia 4With so much coastline and so many perfect waves, Australia is the Mecca of the surfer community all over the world. The Gold Coast is called the Surfer’s Paradise for a reason. There are tons of other interesting things to do at the Surfers Paradise. Another surfing spot that you need to visit is the Wedding Cake Island at the Coogee Beach. It is the place where the annual ANZAC Day paddle takes place.

4. Koalas Are Not Bears

Australia 5

To get one thing straight – Koalas are not bears. They belong to the group of marsupials. The best place to spend a whole day getting to know these cute creatures is to visit Brisbane and the Lone Koala Sanctuary.

5. Prices Are High

Australia 6Prepare to spend a lot of money. Australia is a pricey place. Use AirBnb for accommodation or simply opt for the places that are further away from the center. You can save a lot by finding accommodation in Randwick area in comparison with the prices you get at the Sydney center.

6. Tipping Rules

Australia 7Simply don’t tip people. Workers in Australia are very well paid. They don’t rely on their tips to survive or earn money. Therefore, they will not actually get you if you leave a tip. They will probably think you forgot your change.

7. The Internet

Australia 8Australia is the online hell. The Internet options are usually very expensive and the connection is very poor. Keep in mind that you’ll have to forget all about fast and quick download rate while you are here.

8. Crafted Beer

Australia 9

Australians love their beer and it is no wonder that there are so many breweries all over this country. The oldest one is the Lord Nelson Brewery in Sydney and it is worth checking out.

9. Seasons and Time Zones

Australia 10The winter in the northern hemisphere means that it is the summer in Australia. Also, the more south you go, the colder it gets. The hottest time throughout the year is from November to March.

10. Beware of The Sun

Australia 11

The hot weather means a lot of sun. The sun is very hard on your skin in Australia. Make sure that you have a really strong SPF with you at all times.

Besides all these things that you should think about, there are a couple more of them that are probably already known to everybody. These include being aware that the Australian accent and dialect are a bit different and also, the fact that people drive on the left side. These things are pointed out simply to make your time more enjoyable, so make sure you have your fun.

Author: Marie Nieves

Marie Nieves, student of economics who loves unusual trips and have a plan to travel the whole world. She has always loved to travel, and she loves to talk about her experiences. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and loves to surf the Internet. An avid lover of photography.


  1. We traveled to Australia for the first time last year. It’s not until you actually get there, do you realize just how vast the country really is. So many beautiful places to visit, we can’t wait to return!

  2. Marie some good tips for travellers down under but as a local maybe I could help refine some of your advice.
    1. The earlier you book with either Jet Star or Virgin the better ie cheaper.
    2. Sydney should be your entry point to OZ and from there there are many options for exploring the east coast. Central Australia is highly expensive but beautiful.
    3. Surfers Paradise is a tourist playground. If young stop in Surfers Paradise if more mature stay Main Beach or Broadbeach.
    4. Koalas are cute, very sleepy in the day time. In Sydney go to Taronga Zoo.
    5. Prices are high but with a falling dollar the tourist finds it better.
    6. Many people especially when eating out at dinner leave a tip Round 2 to 3 dollars per person
    7 yes Internet can be an issue. In many hotels you have to pay extra for WiFi
    8. The beer is good but try Australian wines they are famous all over the world and cheap.
    9. Summer is mostly hot but also it is the rainy season with summer storms common in late afternoons.
    Keeping out of the direct sun from noon to 2pm is a good idea.
    See other hints on travelling OZ on GayMenOnHoliday.com

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