13 Top Things To Do In Italy

Things to do in Italy

Italy is the country with the most number of UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. It is a spectacular country with a fine artistic tune to it. Its splendid culture, fine architecture, streets and museums are all testaments to its artistic tastes. The country is also rich in fabulous natural beauties as well. Here are some top things to do in Italy that every avid tourist should do while traveling this wonderful country.

1. Start with a Tour in Rome

Rome, the magnificent capital of Italy, is filled with many historic buildings and monuments to blow your mind away. With lovely Vatican City, the charming Trevi Fountain, the iconic Colosseum, the fantastic Piazza Navona, Rome is filled with some of the most renowned attractions in the whole world. You can literally drown in the art, history and the cultural glories of Italy in Rome. You can cherish a walk in the city’s sensational cobbled streets for a long time. Thus, exploring all the major attractions in Rome is surely one of the top things to do in Italy.

2. Behold the Works of Michelangelo

Michelangelo is considered as one of the finest Renaissance artists in the world. And his amazing masterpieces can be found all over in Italy. His arts and sculptures are greatly revered by the art lovers all over the world. The alter wall in Rome’s Sistine Chapel and the figure of David in the gallery of dell’Accademia in Florence are some of his most famous works. He also designed the fabulous Saint Peter’s Basilica in Venice. So, make sure you don’t miss out including this in your things to do in Italy list.

3. Enjoy A Bit of Pizza and Pasta on a Lovely Café

The culinary side of Italy is so rich that it will give you an absolutely unforgettable experience. Anywhere you go, you can find something new, something special to eat. It is the birthplace of pizza and while in Italy, you can expect to taste the best pizza you have ever taste. Pizzas here have minimum toppings and the pasta is cooked all al dente, the gelato is simply mind blowing and excellent quality wine is everywhere to sum it all up. You can enjoy all these in many top quality restaurants, bars and cafes all around the country. Thus, tasting the culinary treasure of Italy is always one of the main things to do in Italy.

4. Ride a Gondola in Venice

A gondola ride by the fantastic web of waterways and canals is a must to appreciate the beauty of one of the most romantic cities in the world, Venice. Venice has so many mind blowing sights to offer. Enjoy a lovely bit of music in the St Mark’s Square, or be amazed by the glassblowing techniques on Murano island or you can take a walk in the famous bridge of sighs where you can see many fabulous art collections. There are tons of things that you can do and enjoy in Venice. So, make sure you include at least some of those in your list of things to do in Italy.

5. Find Peace in Lake Como

One of the most fascinating places to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the country is Lake Como. Located in a marvelous backdrop mountainous landscape, Lake Como offers the perfect escape. Here you can lose yourself in the peacefulness of the lovely villas by the lake or take a walk in the charming medieval villages close to the lake. You can also get a ride on one of the very attractive steamships and pass your time with great sophistication.

6. Do Some Shopping In the Fashion Capital

The city of Milan is no less popular to the fashion lovers then London, New York or Tokyo. It is considered by many, the fashion capital of the world as it offers a very intriguing range of fashionable items to shoppers from all walks of life. From amazing shoes to exotic jewelries, from departmental goods to brilliant boutiques, the city of Milan has it all. Your temperament to spend every last penny from your wallet will be greatly tested in this fascinating city.

7. For A Walk In The Cinque Terre

An amazing place to observe the rich unspoiled beauty of nature is the UNESCO world heritage site of Cinque Terre. It is truly a spectacular place where no motorized vehicles are allowed. The site has five very marvelous villages that are located in cliff tops along the magnificent shoreline of Italian Riviera. A walk in these villages among vast vineyards and olive groves with the charming sight of the sea shores can be very peaceful and relaxing, making it one of the never-miss things to do in Italy.

8. Travel Back In Time In Pompeii

If you have fascination about the Roman civilization and want to get a glimpse of how things were back in the day, then the archaeological site of Pompeii is a magnificent place to visit. It is the reminiscent of an ancient Roman city which thrived many years ago. The sophisticated lifestyle that once existed here can still be sensed in every corner of the site. It was destroyed by powerful volcanic eruptions from the Mount Vesuvius. So, visiting this palce surely ia one of the must-do things to do in Italy.

9. Enjoy A Bit Of Sunbathing In The Amalfi Coast

Decorated with fascinating villas, picturesque towns, charming cliffs, tranquil and dazzling sea and fantastic beaches, the Amalfi Coast of the southern Italy is great place to do some sunbathing. The maritime history of the place with its breathtaking landscapes offers the perfect vacation to the tourists. The charming towns near the city provide very fine accommodation and entertainment to the visitors. It truly is a fantastic place to get lost in for a few days.

10. Going For A Tour To The Wonderful Sicily

Sicily is a very beautiful place within Italy endowed with its own cultures, art, history and architecture. The people in the island of Sicily are very proud and work hard to preserve the individuality of their land. Sicily, along with its spectacular cultural elements has fabulous natural and architectural heritages. There are many impressive modern and ancient constructions and the food and music of the area is simply mind blowing.

11. A Journey Inside The Blue Grotto

If it is adventure that you seek, then the island Capri has plenty in store for you. The island is located in the Gulf of Naples and very well known for some rugged landscapes and top notch resorts. There is a natural cavern called Blue Grotto which is one of the most thrilling places in Italy. It is a cave with a 25 meter opening with fantastic blue hued crystal water inside. To get inside the cave, you have lay back on small row boat. The reflection of the amazing blue water on the cave walls is a sight for the sore eyes.

12. Relax And Watch The World Go By In Piazza Del Campo

After a hard and tiresome day, a visit to the piazza del campo can be very fascinating. Here you can just sit and relax while the fast paced city of Siena goes by before your eyes. Piazza del Campo is the historic center of the city and has the famous sloping square. It is a very popular public place which is built in the place of an ancient marketplace, today it is the undoubted heart of the city. It is also the venue of an interesting horse race.

13. Take A Picture By The Leaning Tower Of Pisa

Although a picture by the leaning tower Pisa might be a very traditional thing to do, it has most certainly become a trend and there is a very exciting touristic environment around the place. The construction of this famous tower begun in 1100 and the sinking that led to the leaning of the tower begun as soon as the works reached 3rd story. It was predicted to be toppled by the year 2000 but that still has not happened. Today people like to climb the stairs of the tower and engage in creative angle works with the tower and their camera.

These are our top 13 things to do in Italy. Please comment and let us know what else should be included in this list.

Author: Tajirul Haque

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