Facts about the Colosseum


The Colosseum in Rome is also popularly known as Flavian Amphitheatre. In Latin, it is called the Amphitheatrum Flavium and in Italian as the Coloseo or the Anfiteatro Flavio. This oblique amphitheater is located at the centre of Rome and is considered as one of Europe’s most iconic historical structures. Here are some of the best known Facts about the Colosseum.

1. One of the most commonly known Colosseum facts is that it is the world’s largest amphitheater. It covers six acres, with the outer circumference measuring 545 metres, height of 50 metres, length of 189 metres and width of 156 metres.

2. The Colosseum was originally named Flavian Amphitheater, from the Flavian Dynasty of Emperors, which Titus, Domitian and Vespasian came from. The Term Colosseum came from the word ‘colosseus’ meaning ‘colossal’ in Latin.

3. Entrance to the games, plays and entertainment shows was free for all the Ancient Romans who wanted to watch the events. This huge amphitheater can seat up to 80 thousand people and every guest is fed during the entire show. A gallery was added at the top part of the amphitheater by Emperor Domitian, so that seating capacity can be increased.

4. One of the most surprising Facts about the Colosseum is that it was not just used for staging theatrical shows, but it also showcased gladiator fights, displays of wild animal, religious ceremonies, executions, and even re-enactment of popular Roman victories. Sometimes even mock Roman sea battles were also presented, where the Colosseum would be flooded and then miniature naval battleship will be placed inside.

5. The animals that were displayed and then slaughtered inside the Colosseum were transported from different parts of the Roman Empire. These animals included; tigers, lions, hyenas, rhinos, hippos, rhino’s, antelopes, crocodiles, ostriches, zebras and bears.

6. One of the most interesting Roman Colosseum facts is that it was built for three specific reasons. The first is to make it a gift to the Ancient Roman, in the attempt to boost the Flavian Dynasty’s popularity. The second reason to provide a place where different kinds of entertainment can be played, so the unruly and unemployed Plebs can be entertained. Lastly, the amphitheater was built to show the world how great Roman architecture was at that time.

7. There was a very prominent place specifically designated for the emperor and it was known as the pulvinar. This place was located on what was known as the place of honor or the podium, built like a veranda.

8. One of the most notable Roman Colosseum Facts is that a total of 42 Roman Emperors have had the privilege to witness the shows and the carnage done at the huge Amphitheatre.

9. The Colosseum had four floors. The first three flours had high, domed entrances designed with levels of Doric, Ionic and Corinthian columns.

10. It has been estimated that there were around 700,000 people were killed in that bloody arena. Not to mention that there were more than a million wild animals that were slaughtered throughout people versus beast games played in the Colosseum.

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