13 Wonderful London Eye Facts You Should Know

One of the world’s largest Ferris Wheel, the London Eye is also considered as one of the most popular tourist attractions in the United Kingdom, and probably, also in the world. Here are some of the most fascinating London Eye Facts that you may want to know.

1. According to experts and critics, the London Eye, located on the south bank of river Thames, is not only a huge Ferris Wheel, but also the tallest cantilevered observation in the world. In a way, this could be true as it offers the highest viewing point in the city of London. On a clear day, visitors can see as far as 40 km in all directions (you can even take a glimpse of the Windsor Castle). This is probably one of the most fascinating London Eye Facts because tourists want to have the best view of the city of London.

2. It was opened on 31 December 1999 by the then Prime Minister Tony Blair but it was on March 9 2000 when it was opened for general public for the first time.

3. Previously, the London Eye used to be called the Millennium Wheel, the British Airways London Eye, Merlin Entertainments London Eye and the EDF Energy London Eye. But after the January 2015, the name has been changed to Coca Cola London Eye after an agreement with the giant beverage company.

London Eye During the day
London Eye During the day

4. It took seven years for the construction of the London Eye and several architects designed it (including, Julia Barfield, Mark Sparrowhawk and David Marks).

5. One of most common London Eye Facts is that this giant observation wheel measures 135 meters in height with a diameter measuring to 120 meters. And the London Eye wheel has a total of 32 air-conditioned, sealed ovoidal passenger capsules.. It takes around 30 minutes for the London Eye to complete a round.

6. In 1999, when the London Eye was erected, it was the tallest Ferris wheel in the world. In 2006 though, it has been surpassed by bigger size of the Star of Nanchang. Then in 2008, another tallest wheel came to and it was the Singapore Flyer. The most recent tallest Ferris wheel in the world was erected in 2014 in Las Vegas, Nevada and it is the High Roller. So, now, London Eye is the Europe’s tallest Ferris Wheel.

7. Probably, one of the most uncommonly known London Eye Facts is that Kate Moss, the supermodel, has been on it for 25 times.

8. When compared to other world renowned tourist spots (like the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Taj Mahal) the London Eye is visited by more people every year. Although, visitors has to pay for the ride, around 3.5 million visitors visit London Eye every year.

9. There are 32 London boroughs and each one is represented through the London Eye’s 32 capsules. The numbers of the capsules though are from 1 to 33 because there is no number 13 due to superstitious reasons. Each of the 32 capsule can hold up to 25 passenger and a capsule weighs 10 tonnes.

10. On each rotation the London Eye has the capacity to carry at least 800 passengers and that is comparable to the load of 11 double decker red buses in London.

11. On the celebration of the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, the London Eye was beautifully lit up with the Union jack colors.

12. The spindle holding the London Eye has a height of 23 meters and weight of 300 tonnes.

13. Before the London Eye, there was the Great Wheel in London. It was in 1895 when the first wheel was constructed for the Empire of India Exhibition. It has been used until 1907 and it was able to carry more than 2 million passengers.

More Images of London Eye

Colorful London Eye
Colorful London Eye
London Eye Incredible Daytime View
London Eye Incredible Daytime View
London Eye  photo
Closer View of London Eye


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