9 Top Things To Do In Dubai


Dubai, one of the fastest growing metropolises in the world is an architectural and engineering spectacle of the modern era. Only in a span of 40 years, this city has transformed from a simple trading town into a splendor that only science fiction writers could imagine. With beautiful deserts and beaches, majestic architectures, marvelous cultural attractions, deluxe shopping opportunities and the grand quality of life, Dubai is sure to offer you a tour to remember. Here is a list of top things to do in Dubai that you can keep in mind while visiting Dubai:

1. Behold the great city from the top of Burj Khalifa


Beholding the world from the top of Burj Khalifa is one of the most exciting things to do in Dubai. Burj Khalifa, world’s tallest skyscraper and one of the most amazing architectures of this generation, stands in the heart of Dubai. The 828 meter high structure is almost twice the size of the empire states building.

A visit to the top of this building will literally take your experience to a new height. Get to the top in less than a minute by the world’s fastest lifts and get a 360 degree panoramic view of the magnificent city blending together with the ocean.

2. Go shark diving at the underwater zoo in Dubai Mall

Visiting Dubai Underwater Zoo is one of the sure things to do in Dubai. Just at the base of the world’s tallest tower stands the largest shopping center in the world known as The Dubai Mall. It is also considered the most popular and the most luxurious shopping destination in the whole world.


The famous Dubai Aquarium lets you dive and explore its marine collection underwater. The gold souk, waterfall, giant dinosaur skeleton, Ice rink inside the mall are just a few attractions that make visiting this place one of the top things to do in Dubai.

3. Have dinner by the Dubai Fountains

The Dubai Fountain by the Dubai mall is the largest fountain system ever built. Spreading across an area larger than two football fields, this place is a spectacle of water, lights and music. The water fountains dance with the music and the spraying water rise up to 500 feet.

Along with inspiring music and sparkling colors, this fountain creates some truly breathtaking sight at night, making visiting this place one of the top things to do in Dubai.

4. Enjoy some special moments in the Artificial Islands

With a challenge of becoming the greatest city on earth, Dubai has given birth to some extraordinary artificial islands. Some are visible even from space spectacular to look at from a plane. Three such islands are Palm Jumeirah, the “Palm Jebel Ali and “The World.

5. Explore Burj Al Arab, the only 7 star hotel of the world

The reputation of “Burj Al Arab” as the only seven star hotel in the world is well deserved. This grand architecture offers some of the most luxurious and expensive accommodation comforts and entertainments known to mankind.


This is surely a top place for the richest and the elite of the society. So, visiting this hotel should be in your things to do in Dubai list, if you can afford it!

6. Go hot air ballooning over the desert

Were you ever fascinated by the stories of the Arabian Desert travelers? Then the desert landscapes of Dubai will blow your mind. The fascinating view of the desert during a sunrise from a hot air balloon is absolutely priceless. You can also go camel back riding, 4 wheels driving, snowboarding or camping by the dim lit fire under the starts at night. Visiting Dubai and not exploring deserts makes a Dubai trip completely incomplete. So, you need to keep it somewhere in your things to do in Dubai list.

7. Take an Abra trip on Dubai Creek

The Dubai Creek that runs through the ancient Dubai is a perfect place to get a glimpse of Dubai. The gold souks by the creek are also amazing shopping destinations. You can get a ride in an old fashion boats known locally as Abra and see a romantic sun set on the desert of this Arabian city.

8. Travel back in time at Dubai Al Shindaga and Al Fahidi historic neighborhoods

If you want to experience the culture of Dubai, get in touch with the real authentic Dubai and the lifestyle of the emirates as you walk in the streets of the Al Shindaga and Al Fahidi neighborhoods. Filled with Arabian style houses and mosques, this is a place with of cultural and historical value. The majestic Dubai Museum in the Al Fahidi fort, The Sheikh Mohammed Centre for cultural learning and the sculpted and luminous Jumeirah mosque are all worth visiting.

9. Stroll in a public park evening

The Opulent and ultra-modern city of Dubai is filled with some neatly kept parks where people from all walks of life come to spend some peaceful time in the midst of their robust lives.

These are some of the top things to do in Dubai. If you can do all the things to do in Dubai mentioned in this list, your Dubai trip should be the most memorable one in your life.

Author: Tajirul Haque

Tajirul Haque is a travel enthusiast and freelance travel writer on Upwork. Having written hundreds of travel articles on so many travel destinations around the world for his clients, Tajirul started Top Travel Lists back in September 2014. Travel writing is his passion and he always loves to write about a new destination as it allows him to know about more beautiful places the planet has to offer. He is always available for freelance travel writing opportunities.